About Us

About Us

Our church family here is a loving, close-knit group of Christians trying our best to live for Christ. We’re not perfect, of course, but we’re striving each day to let God’s Word be our guide for everything we do—in everyday life, at work, at school, at church. . . everywhere. Many of us come from different backgrounds, and we work in different fields, but we share a common love for Jesus Christ and His church and look for opportunities to share that love with others.

Maybe you’ve realized there’s a void in your life, like something’s missing. This is a perfect opportunity to visit us to find opportunities to connect with Christians in this area. It’ll be a non-threatening environment, and you won’t be singled out or made to feel uncomfortable in any way. Just come and join us for this simple worship service where we’ll reflect on what Jesus Christ has to say to our lives.

We’d love to see you soon. We’ve saved you a seat!

What to Expect

What should I wear?

Many men wear suits and women wear dresses. Some are more “dress casual” in their attire. A few wear jeans.

We believe that when we gather for worship, we come into the presence of the Lord. We try to encourage everyone to dress with this in mind.

Where do we and our children go when we arrive?

Bible Classes Begin at 9:30am.

If you arrive in time for bible classes, someone will greet you and direct you to the appropriate rooms. We offer age-appropriate classes for all ages including children, teens, college-age adults, as well as three other adult classes.  All classes are taught by volunteers. All teachers are required to have a background check before working with children.

When classes end, you will be given time to return to your child’s classroom, pick them up, and head to our 10:30 am worship gathering in the auditorium.

What is the Sunday morning service like?

We gather in our auditorium for worship. As you enter you will see many pews. You may feel free to sit wherever you are most comfortable.

After some opening comments, we will offer praise to the Lord with some acapella singing (congregational songs with no instruments) led by one of our male members.

At some point during our singing, we will pause for Scripture reading and prayer. This too will be done by some of our male members.

After some more singing, all members of the Lord’s church will participate in communion (known as the Lord’s Supper). We do this every Sunday. During this time we center our minds about Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins.

At the conclusion of the Lord’s Supper, we will also be given the opportunity to worship by giving back to the Lord some of the money we have earned. Only members are asked to give at this time. As a guest, please do not feel obligated to give when the plate is passed by you.

Finally, we hear from a speaker who preaches a lesson from the Bible. Sermons last around 30 minutes. At the conclusion of the message, those who might wish to become a Christian or are in need of prayers of forgiveness are invited to come to the front.