Our Response to Covid-19

Our Response to Covid-19

Covid-19 is now officially in Alabama. A likely reason it has not been noted before now is that few were being tested in our state. In spite of some who are uninformed and who seek to minimize this situation, medical professionals and even trusted physicians who are brothers in Christ are very emphatic that this should not be equated with the normal flu we face on a recurring basis. For most who are healthy, should they contract this virus they will recover. However, for the elderly and others who have certain medical conditions, it is much more deadly.

As Elders of the Midway congregation we feel the weight of responsibility for preparing a plan of action. As Elders, we have a duty to both our Lord and to the people who make up this congregation. We pray that our decisions are made in faithfulness, wisdom, and cautiousness. After much prayer and discussion, as of now we have decided to follow these steps:

1. We ask that if you or your family member is coughing, sneezing, having a runny nose, or running a fever, that you do not come to the assemblies. Many of us try to plow through a cold or sickness and carry on as normal. Although you may be able to do this, it might result in serious consequences for one who could be infected by you. Covid-19 symptoms are similar to a cold or flu, especially in early stages. We also ask that everyone please refrain from shaking hands, hugging, and other forms of personal contact since the virus is spread through this contact.

2. Since passing trays passes viruses, we will be offering individual communion packets beginning next Sunday. Someone will be available at each door as you enter to distribute these. We will also be making these available for those who might find it necessary to worship from home during this time.

3. Instead of passing the contribution trays, we will have boxes at all doors so each person might complete his/her worship in giving as they exit. For those who may find it necessary to worship from home, we will be providing postage-paid envelopes in which to mail your weekly contribution. We are working to make it possible to give online via our website for those who might find it necessary to stay at home. We will provide further details regarding this in the coming days.

4. After today (March 15, 2020), we will be temporarily suspending all bible classes on Sunday morning and Wednesday night as well as the Sunday evening service. As of now, this will continue through May 31, 2020. Our single, Sunday service will begin at 10:30am.

5. After today (March 15, 2020), we will be temporarily canceling all youth gatherings and trips (including the Lads to Leaders Convention trip), special days, Third Thursday classes, W-2 Crew Luncheons, and fellowship meals. As of now, this will continue through May 31, 2020.

6. We will be using all appropriate methods to thoroughly clean, disinfect, and sanitize the auditorium after each worship hour. Additionally, we will be temporarily removing all toys and things of this nature that might be objects that could spread the virus from the nursery and thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing this area.

7. It is our recommendation that those who are most vulnerable worship at home. These include the elderly, those with lowered immune systems, and those who have significant underlying health problems. For the time being, we will be streaming our complete service for those who have internet capabilities. You may go to our website (www.midwaycofc.com) and click on “Watch Live” at the top of the page. From there you will be directed to a page on which you will see past sermons, but also a green bar with “Click here to view our live stream during worship services.” Click this button and you will be directed to our FaceBook live stream.

8. Though we pray it is not the case, at some point it might become necessary to stop all worship services at the building. We will still be streaming a lesson and asking our members to have a service in their home. Of course, this will be a “last resort” decision. Please continue to pray about this situation